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Martin County Firefighters Benevolent Fishing Tournament

Our annual offshore fishing tournament is organized by the Martin County Firefighters Benevolent Association. This is a charity event that aims to raise funds to support firefighters and their families in times of need. The tournament is typically held in the waters off the coast of Martin County and attracts anglers from all over who come to compete for cash prizes and trophies. Participants are required to pay an entry fee, which goes towards the fundraising efforts of the Benevolent Association. The tournament is a fun and exciting way to bring together members of the community to support a worthy cause. In addition to the fishing competition, the event may also include a raffle, silent auction, and other activities to raise additional funds. The proceeds from the tournament are used to provide financial assistance, scholarships, counseling services, and other forms of support to firefighters and their families during emergencies. The offshore fishing tournament is a great way for the Martin County Firefighters Benevolent Association to give back to the community while also promoting the importance of safety and preparedness in the marine environment ​ Please check below on putting in your boat registration, sponsorship opportunities and more.

Check below to see the upcoming tournament and all the past tournaments as well!


MCFBA Fishing Tournaments

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2024 MCFBA Fishing Tournament

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2022 MCFBA Fishing Tournament

2023 Martin County Benevolent Fishing Tournament back.png

2023 MCFBA Fishing Tournament

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